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Cynefin: Place of multiple belongings; We have these multiple threads which we will only partially comprehend and understand; You are in a flow over time (all cherrypicked from Dave Snowden).

My evolving collection of references to Cynefin and similar

(This page is a bit messy – will tidy up eventually – results so far see
  • Basic sources
    • Wiki:
    • Book: CYNEFIN – weaving sense-making into the world
    • EU Field guide
    • (upcoming) Guide on decision making
  • Good intros
    • Blog:
    • Video: Complexity and Cynefin (Chris Corrigan/Webinar/Sep-2021):
  • Most up to date
    • From enlightenment to entanglement (Dave Snowden/Webinar):
    • Complexity, Sensemaking and Entanglement (Dave Snowden/Podcast):
  • On agile
    • Video: Rewild agile (Dave Snowden/Meetup):
    • Video: Rewild agile (Dave Snowden):
    • Blog: Rewild (Dave Snowden):
    • Video: Applying Cynefin to Kanban (Dave Snowden):

  • Unclassified
    • Podcast/Video: Project management under conditions of inherent uncertainty with Dave Snowden:
    • Podcast/Video: Hexi Approach and What it Means to the Cynefin Framework with Dave Snowden:
    • Complexity explained with shopping (Bernhard Sterchi/Youtube):
  • My own stuff (on sense-making – all to be validated)
    • Black market for common sense – essence: talk about what people do outside the system (without fear)
    • Ecosystem based approach – essence: understand impact of all and any potential contribution and be able to influence – monitor for tension/dissatisfaction
    • Murder Mystery – essence: build a picture of what relates to resolving a certain question
    • Bubble charting – essence: living journal of the main things ‘we talk about’
    • Winnable Mission Management – essence: engaging a few ‘winnable battles’ at a time
    • Delivery alignment/#NoSurprises – essence: A moment in time where ‘everyone knows everything’ or ‘can ask their question’ (without fear)
    • Tension lines as probes/triggers for boiling up information
    • Agile Engine – essence: Evolve from where you are; scale free approach
    • Fitness for purpose – are you sharpening/upgrading your tools/skills? If you asked your most fierce competitor to collaborate – would they cheer or laugh?
    • Leaders have a disproportionate influence on culture; As a leader of any significance you just got to accept that you are the culture; Unless you change and unless you sponsor change not much is going happen
  • My own presentations (evolving) related to this
    • Game Changing Beliefs (more of this; less of that)
    • Essence of portfolio management (power of optionality)
    • Why the lack of a proof doesn’t really matter (GilbFest 2022)
    • CLPM (#Boye22, #ScanAgile, 14th #stratTLG, #XP2023)
  • Working to make this work for you? Would love to hear your experiences
    • Morten Elvang – easy to find on LinkedIn and Twitter
    • Gmail: mortenelvang

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