Success ultimately comes from people.

Despite this seemingly simple recipe for success, most will agree that building and sustaining a performing organization is difficult.

This is what is explored on these web-pages and in most blog posts.

I believe you achieve the best results, when everyone involved has the freedom to perform and opportunity to contribute. Each and everyone is unique and when offered the the best conditions we all produce incredible and surprising results.

I believe that we achieve the best results, by finding a sustainable pace for delivering the results we aspire to – managing at the speed where we can afford to lose.

A number of specific concepts are under development:

  • #GameChangingBeliefs explore what you can trust to work when building an organization where everyone has freedom to perform
  • #AgileEngine offers a simple and powerful concept for driving change in your organization – break away from your constraints and set yourself free without irrelevant distractions
  • #AgileOrg shows you how to qualify how agile you are and need to be. Find out how to restructure your activities and gain more agility in execution.
  • #LeanQuality shows you how to identify and proactively drive down dissatisfaction among your stakeholders – enabling increasing satisfaction over all; it’s a zero-sum game!
  • #CLPM – Collaborative Lean Portfolio Management. About reducing load and bringing clarity – see #UNMESS below.
  • #OpenStrategy – a wave you can surf or be rolled over by.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 15.33.28The developing manuscript, #TheNeedForSpeed, offers a condensed story of these ideas – still a bit raw and experimental (from 2015).

#UNMESS – Navigating complexity with #CLPM is in a more complete book form.

You can always find the latest updated material under #Downloads.

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