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At the XP2023 conference, we have a workshop on Fear-Based Agile Transformations. This post is about the process leading up to the workshop on June 13th in Amsterdam.

We believe that we can create a better world if we are better able to see, know and prevent the mega monster projects often born – but not only – from fear based agile transformations.

Our ambition is to publish the results after the workshop.


Link to official web-site: XP2023 (official site/call for contribution)

Link to input for Afternoon workshop: (NB! Anyone can edit the WORKSHOP INPUT file)


Questions to help frame and give input – post your answers in comments on LinkedIn

1) Is there a group of technology projects that you can call ‘mega monster projects’? Projects that almost for sure will end up troubling you.

2) How would you characterize this group of projects?

3) How can you potentially spot them early?

4) What advice would you give regarding such projects?

(Add your answers in the WORKSHOP INPUT file – link above)

Meet-ups inviting for discussion (all online):


Workshop: On June 13th in Amsterdam, requires registration for XP2023 – CLICK TO REGISTER

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