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Berlingske Business today brings an interview with Yves Moreiux from Boston Consulting Group: There is also an earlier book review of ‘Six Simple Rules’ Google told:

What struck me is the part where YM describes interviews with employees saying (my translation): My work is totally absurd, my boss is unreasonable, and the course of direction at my workplace keeps changing.

Wow. That’s #Prison3DotZero alive 🙂

The interview further suggests that top managers knowingly creates monsters. They keep trying to change, but keep pulling gambits from a no longer valid tool box.

YM has written the book ‘Six Simple Rules’ and suggests:

  1. Understand what your employees actually do.
  2. Find your fighters.
  3. Give more people more power…
  4. …and take away resources from everybody.
  5. Make sure your employees eat their own cooking.
  6. Don’t punish failure—punish the failure to cooperate.

I found these from here:, but actually like the version in Berlingske Business better. Need to come back to this and definitely order the book!


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