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This is a true story.

Little Peter was writing his list of wishes for Christmas and made sure that everything he could possibly imagine and some more got onto the list. In good time Peter mailed his list to Father Christmas, who lives in Greenland.

On Christmas eve that year, Little Peter could not wait to open his present. It was there under the tree. When time finally was up, Peter quickly unwrapped his present. To his disappointment the present contained one of the items he added last to his list and didn’t really want. At least not as much as some of the items first on the list. Like the wireless helicopter. Or the big sinkable battleship for the bathtup. How could Father Christmas be so unfair. Little Peter cried.

Later in the evening Little Peter had a talk with his Uncle Lean, who interviewed Peter about how wish lists work? Are you sure to get one of the items from the list? Yes, most often! Who decides what item to pick? Father Christmas! And he always picks the wong ones? Could you think of any way to better influence what Father Christmas might pick from your list? Hmm … Hmmm … Little Peter got an idea!

Next year when Christmas was coming up, Little Peter thought long and carefully about what to wish for Christmas. This year was tougher than most. Eventually Little Peter wrote his list and mailed it to Father Christmas.

When Christmas eve finally came Peter was more relaxed than ever before. He enjoied the food. Had conversations with his distant relative. He we calmness it self. His mother got worried. Peter are you not interested in your present? Yes, mom, I’m more excited than ever. Can’t wait to get it in my hands.

Finally the moment came. Peter unwrapped his present. It was the wireless helicopter. YES! Peter shouted. I knew it! It’s just what I wanted.

Everyone was puzzled. His dad asked. Peter, how could you know? And how come you are so excited? Dad, are you crazy? This year I only had one item om my wishlist. And it’s the helicopter. The helicopter! How could I not be excited?

Merry Christmas!


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