Posted by on September 19, 2015

In a team game of broken-telephone, the coach lined up 6 big stickers on the backside of a standing whiteboard in a 3×2 outline.

One person started by secretly writing a text behind the first sticker, the next person studied the text and draw a picture behind the 2nd sticker, … and finally the 6th person studied the text of the 5th person and draw the picture to carry the same meaning.

After that, the hidden texts/drawings behind all stickers were revealed one by one from the first to the last… and BIG LAUGHTER.

The text behind the first sticker said ‘the black swan was desperately in love with the beautiful, musculus agile coach’ and the first drawing faithfully painted a black swan, a beautiful, musculus agile coach and a big red heart in between – picture that 🙂

The text behind the 5th sticker said ‘watching ducks 24/7’.

Back in the office that phrase is turning into the code name for all the clueless stuff that transpires in our complex, knowledge working office.

In any context you can say ‘watching ducks 24/7’ and people kind of know what you mean – isn’t that just wonderful?

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