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All organizations are build with the best intentions of creating a structure that supports everyone to fulfill the purpose and meet the specific goals set by the organization. That’s how it all starts.

Then one day you wake up and realize that your organization is no longer with you. Rather it’s against you. You are locked in. In jail. In prison.

This is what I call Prison 3.0.

You are tied up in your own structure. This may manifest itself in many ways. It may be the chaotic organization, where there is no consequence and no alignment. In short no value from being an organization.

Or, it may be the overly bureaucratic organization, where nothing moves. Or, at least it feels so at times.

Have you been there?

There is an important difference, though. In a normal Prison you are locked up and the key or opening mechanism is outside your control.

In Prison 3.o it’s different. The controls to unlocking the cell-door and all the way out into freedom is within your cell.

You are the one imprisoned and only you have the key to freedom. This is how security in Prison 3.0 works.

Strangely most Prison 3.0’s are safer than ordinary prisons. There are fewer escapes!

At this point important questions arise.

How do you see your prison?

How do you break out?

How do you stay out?

How do you build an organization that will not turn into a prison?

These questions I cannot answer for you, you have the key to your freedom in your cell.

What I can do is to share my thoughts on the matter. This I will do in my talk about #GameChangingBeliefs @codecph on 22-oct-2014.

We will not talk about everything, but we will talk about something.

Hope to see you there!

(This was originally a blog-post on the codecph web-pages. The link stopped working)


Later addition, also including being locked up with bad ideas





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