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Playtotype! Learn! And have fun! Real fun!

=== Why playtotype?

When you fail in a game, you learn and have fun in the process. It’s the same in business, except there’s less fun.

Much too often – when something fails – you find yourself in far too deep. It’s too late. It’s very expensive. It’s complicated. Learnings? Sure, rub it in!

With Playtotyping we challenge ideas while it’s still cheap to fail and useful to learn. We prototype and play to learn as much as we can about the real thing.

Playtotyping is play and prototyping combined. It’s a way of testing ideas before they become dangerous. And to create more and even better ideas in the process – while it’s still free to change your mind.

Playtotyping explores ideas through action, games and simulations – turning ideas into validated concepts in no time – faster, cheaper and with a lot more fun 🙂

When it comes to validating ideas there is always a smarter, faster, cheaper – and more fun way. Play and find out!

=== Try it out!

Pick something you are just about to commit to and try to play with it. Finding the right game is part of the game – if everything else fails try to build it, simulate assembling it or play an act where you are either using or selling it.

Remember to shoot some pictures and document your learnings!

=== Example

Here’s an example found on Twitter – try yourself to google for prototype, pretotype, playtotype, playdohtype … cheap, fast, easy, small, quick … to find some inspiration


=== Why playtotyping?

Because most ideas are bad. You can never prove an idea right, but you can prove it wrong. The dilemma of all testing. The sooner you ditch your wrong idea to find a better one, the cheaper for you. Playtotyping is here to protect you against your own bad ideas. It’s the agile mantra … faster, cheaper, better … sooner!

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