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McKinsey & Co predicts an increased focus on internal efficiency in large organizations … promoting ‘Lean Management’ as a specific response. The general observation is interesting as it may well pave the way for other types of responses. Is this the return of process improvement in large organizations?

Some highlights – Lean Management’s four disciplines according to McKinsey & co (see link below):

• Delivering value efficiently to the customer.
• Enabling people to lead and contribute to their fullest potential.
• Discovering better ways of working.
• Connecting strategy, goals, and meaningful purpose.

Quote: […] they are not a formula; they do not represent the whole universe of “good management.” But when leaders design systems that enforce these disciplines effectively—and when they ensure they’re followed every day, at every level of the organization—the disciplines reinforce one another to create what lean has long envisioned: an adaptive organization that consistently generates the most value possible for all stakeholders from all of the resources it can bring to bear.

Quote: Large organizations realize they must reimagine how they work so that their scale once again becomes an asset rather than a liability. And they must do so from within, because external conditions—the rising economic tides that formerly lifted so many boats, regardless of how well or badly they rowed—are not likely to make a lasting return any time soon.

Quote: These organizations […] attain a state that is as valuable as it is rare: continuous improvement.

Find the full article here (23-Feb-2014):

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