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Topics for #KLR15:

  • Portfolio Kanban
  • ‘Agile semantics’
  • Agile transformation (#AgileEngine)
  • ‘Reducing dissatisfaction’ (#LeanQuality)

Portfolio Kanban (or … agile at the org-level)

  • Make visible and comparable
  • Balance load to capacity
  • Execute to winnable missions

In my mind these are the differentiators describing what is different about Portfolio Kanban.

It relates to scaling agile vs agile a scale – the world is confused at the moment. Or being confused by various fractions believing they have the answer and keeps pushing it?

Having the luxury of having spend the past 2 days in Don Reinertsen’s class and going to the Kanban Leadership Retreat this week, this is one of the topics I want to understand better.

‘Agile semantics’

I was also reflecting that what the agile community and movement has brought us is a better understanding of how a technical team works together and how smaller groups of technical teams can work together. Years ahead of that Tom Gilb’s EVO helped us understand how to break technical work down in executable pieces, really use numbers to drive decision making and have focus on delivering the most impactful parts first. Don Reinertsen completed the circle by semantically explaining the importance of flow and the lean principles underlying agile practices. Both agile and EVO implicitly facilitates optimizing the flow – Don Reinertsen made this explicit and also helped understand why manufacturing lean cannot be applied directly in the knowledge working context. This is the second topic I want to explore. My nickname for this is ‘agile semantics.

Two more topics

Finally I believe that there is a lot of resemblance with #AgileEngine and #LeanQuality to what is being promoted in the Kanban community.

Will keep updating this page … (but that never happened … check out later pages about agile@scale)

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