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Would adhering to these principles be enough to ensure an intelligent and high performing organization (Version 0.5, 29-Apr-2014)?

  • It is not always what you think or are good at that is most important for your company (Value)
  • Don’t think about what you want to start with next, understand what you really have to finish first (Flow)
  • Try to figure out what you don’t yet know, understand or what might go wrong next (Learning)
  • If something is broke, doesn’t really work or can be improved – fix it now! (Relentlessness [in using learnings])

====== or … even as simple as this?

  • We’d rather start to late on the right thing than to early on the wrong thing!
  • We’d rather experiment and learn something new than stay on the beaten track!

====== Agile Manifesto 2.0 — hidden here?

===== Another shot

. Organize to purpose and goals in a way that grants you the maximum freedom to perform
. Perform to maximize value creation from delivering, learning and improving
. Aim for firm focus, sharp priorities, minimal structure and highest frequencies without compromising short or long term sustainability of the above
. Resolve problems, overcome impediments and pursue opportunities


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