Posted by on November 17, 2013

About a year ago I came across the concept of ‘Marketing 3.0’. As an evolution to ‘relationship sales’, first you must find a common value base with your customer – once you know how you want to change the world together, business follows.

This Friday, the Danish newspaper ‘Børsen’ mentioned ‘Thought Leadership Marketing’. Just as the building of relationships is no longer enough, then ‘solution selling’ doesn’t work like it used to.

To increase your business, the way to go is to share your company’s unique knowledge. This phenomena is called ‘Thought leadership marketing’.

The catch is, that you are far more likely to get an appointment with someone you have previously engaged with in some form of knowledge exchange.

(Quote [Danish]: Børsen Executive, page 12, Friday 15. November 2013)

Googgling ‘Thought Leadership’ will give you plenty of new insight – my best catches this morning were: and

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