Posted by on September 22, 2016

Large complex organizations often suffer from overload and lack of coordination across the organization.

Just like knowledge work overload cause invisible queues then dependencies, constraints etc cause invisible red lights.

You end up waiting for someting for an indefinite amount of time … again and again and again.

Overload can be adressed by balancing load to capacity – see e.g. #AgileOrg.

Green waving can be used to relieve overload, by creating a green wave for one or a few selected projects

Green waving means making all the invisibe red lights visible, turning them green and guiding selected projects through the maze 🙂

Specific approaches might include: sub-ordination; leveraging inherent simplicity; having Top X projects (X<2); …

A combination of load reduction and green waving is probaly the ideal approach.

Green waving being a new way of thinking about the inherent need for coordination 🙂


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