Posted by on October 21, 2013

It used to be all about projects and deliveries. You delivered and then the project finished.

In software engineering, what is called continuous deployment, is an example of a perfect pull system, where new code is pulled from the individual software developer and at a certain pace – immediately or close to – deployed into a live system.

It enables a constant flow of value.

As the number of existing systems and products is constantly growing, relatively, the size of any new project is diminishing.

To further amplify this, there is a clear trend towards smaller and faster projects.

It’s approaching a situation where the meaning of a project in some contexts is less important.

Rather than structuring work as a project, with a clear start and end, and a clear set of deliveries, more and more we see a continuous flow of value.

In the future, it will be more about the flow of value. With no start and no end. Just forever.


David Joyce call this ‘independent value’ – see his LKCE12 presentation.

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