Posted by on October 26, 2013

Bullshit comes in many shapes and dressings. You know it when you get this fishy feeling that something is not what is should be. In a professional setting bullshit is the root cause of evil. In the best cases, leading to suboptimality and worst case to a total waste of corporate resourses or even derailing of whole organisations. The problem is that people get really offended when you just say “bullshit!”. But here’s the idea. Instead of saying the BS word, it’s always appropriate to to say: “That’s wonderful! But what do you really mean?” I have made it a principle, to always challenge bullshit when I see it, hear it or feel it. Challenge is not the same as defeat, and I have found that a few cleverly stated questions can easily expose that certain ideas or actions do not achieve their intended purpose.


Some material unchanged from 2000 – print in A4 double sided and fold twice into a flyer – find under #Downloads

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