Posted by on November 26, 2015

In any system that doesn’t make sense you will find a black market for common sense.

People who try to get the job done, not because of the system, but inspite of the system.

A shadow image of this is organizational bad-mouthing. People detesting their own products and services. People showing open disrespect for established practices and leaders. Etc

The black market will always exist. The bad-mouthing will always exist. Part of this is natural and in it’s own weird ways a sign of respect. But some of it is not and need to be addressed.

Work proactively to keep it to a healthy minimum and constantly challenge your status quo.

Change your system to make sense, build trust and create true value

Defend your culture by encouraging and acting on feedback in time

What is the size of your black market? What happens on it? What do people speak about when no one is listening?


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