Posted by on August 27, 2015

Agile is when you …

  1. Deliver value the best you can at every moment
    … not regretting what you promised and froze when you wrote the requirements and thought you had it all thought out
  2. Adapt to your challenges, your opportunities and the work you have to do
    … not fitting to some stage gate model
  3. Accept that there are things that you don’t know
    … not assuming you know it all and that you have it nailed in the plan

Was that too long?

Should there be a 4th it would be …

  • Allow everyone the freedom and opportunity to contribute
    … not do micro-management and force detailed instructions

Twitter style that becomes: Delivering the best you can, adapt to what you do, allow to contribute and accept that you don’t know you don’t know …that’s #Agile

Reflections from a short conversation with a friend this afternoon.


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