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Definitions from Merrim-Webster

  • agile: adjective; able to move quickly and easily; quick, smart, and clever
  • agility: noun; the quality or state of being agile

Agile is contextual – in a technology project or product development context this entails ‘quicker, smarter and more clever’ than required for the situation.

Being agile means understanding that in any given situation you need to manage at the speed you can afford to lose.

Being agile also means accepting that this context fundamentally is chaotic and unpredictable.

The context is VUCA: Volatine, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

Marine tactics apply – in this context rephrased: Adapt, Improvise and Deliver (originally ‘deliver’ is ‘overcome’)

Being agile means enabling and encouraging the best possible utilization and sustained development of your capabilities.

Being agile is a choice. Being agile is an aspiration for an organization. Being agile is a state of mind for a person. Becoming agile is a never ending journey.

Agile means moving as quickly, smart and clever as required, at a sustainable pace and being lean – not wasting opportunities or neglecting other impediments.





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