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#Agile – why do we do it?

#Agile is spreading – raising questions of what agile really is and why we want to do it.

At the individual and team level agile offers new understanding for how to organize knowledge work.

It’s all about engaged and self organizing teams with the freedom to perform  – teams who are ready willing and able to contribute to the success of their wider organization.

Changing perspective to the organization, agility offers new ways of optimizing the continuous flow of value and the ability to explore new opportunity on an ongoing basis.

It’s all about operating at a speed and level of commitment where you can afford to lose – being agile means being faster, cleverer and smarter than required in the environment.

Going finally to the strategic perspective, agile means freedom to operate and to make choices.

You can think of these perspectives as the operational, tactical and strategic perspective. At each level there are very appealing reasons for aspiring for being more agile.

#Agile – why do we want to scale it?

One of the big questions in the agile community is about scaling (operational) agile.

Could it be that this question entails an element of solutions thinking? That the real challenge is how we operate agile at scale? And that this is a tactical challenge more than an operational one.

That after all it’s not so much about scaling team level agile. It’s more about tactically getting organized so that working in agile teams is possible.

In a way so that also organizational and strategic benefits are achieved.

Which in the end are much more important and may not require putting Scrum teams on top of each other.

Organizational and strategic benefits can also be achieved without involving teams – e.g. by grooming/changing roadmaps and by entering into new business areas.

Scaling agile may not be a real business challenge … there might be powerful alternatives?

Perhaps we should start thinking about agile at scale more than scaling agile? About controling explosions instead of exploding agile 🙂




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