Posted by on November 16, 2017

If you don’t know if you are overloaded or not – then most probably you are – not just a little – a lot!

If you are overloaded, little will help, before you deal with the overload.

This is probably the biggest secret behind becoming agile.

Agile organizations are not overloaded.

If you are overloaded you are not agile.

Becoming agile is really difficult.

Dealing with your overload is easy.

Not being agile is not really a problem.

Being overloaded is.

Wonder what to do next?

The secret is your first step towards agile.

Being agile means – at the organizational level – that you are able to ‘manage at a speed where you can afford to lose’.

My thoughts on this is a hybrid between and – it’s not difficult – it’s not #safe – it’s #agile


This was first published on LinkedIn 15-Nov-2017

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