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5th Wave of agile (#5thWave)

By on January 28, 2015

The 5th wave driven by need of speed, need to compete and need to move to new areas of business and technology. Waves of agile: 199x – … Teams and individuals rebelling waterfall 2000-… Scrum 2005 – … Organizations/scaling 2010-

On Talent Management (#Potentialeledelse in Danish)

By on January 17, 2015

The Danish ‘djøfbladet’ (Jan 2015) brings an article about Talent Management (#Potentialeledelse) – a new book by Søren Barlebo Rasmussen (www.barlebokon.dk). A short summary and a few comments … Three leadership tasks characterize #Potentialeledelse: Remind everyone about the reason to